Monday, July 31, 2006

Double scare

Clondike wasn't feeling too well yesterday so I kept a close eye on him last night. I came home to check on him around noon and he still wasn't eating much and seemed very tired. I decided to take him to the vet's office for observation and a check up. He has congestive heart failure so I really have to be careful with him. While on my way there, I received a call regarding a friend's house that appeared to have been broken into. I called my friend who rushed home to find that indeed the door jam had been broken, a camera and lap top stolen. Needless to say, she is pretty upset. It must be a terrible feeling to know that someone has violated your house and taken your things. It is unfortunate that it occurred to such a nice person but thankfully neither she nor her animals were hurt. Clondike is also doing better tonight and should be able to come home tomorrow. Here's hoping that everyone will have a better day tomorrow.

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