Saturday, July 08, 2006

Berta's Birthday

Today is my good friend's birthday. Berta lives just down the road from us. She is a Labrador lover and has four of them. She has Bridget and Sea Smoke that I bred as well as Milly Rose who I co-bred. She often has her hands full with the dogs as she works during the day but has a dog walker come in during the week when she teaches. During the summer, she is either home or as in the case of this summer, has Meg visiting with her from Michigan. Meg is working on an internship with the Charleston Museum and will be going back to Michigan in a couple of weeks.

Tonight Berta, Meg and I will be celebrating Berta's birthday at the Maproom. We always haved an adventure when we get together. Happy Birthday Berta!!!

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flamingo3 said...

The adventure continued tonight...per usual.
Oh La La.