Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sculpture of Timmi

This is something that I've been meaning to share for a while. Back in the spring, I received an email from Leslie Hutto about a sculpture of a Labrador that she was working on. She asked me to critique it. I sent some comments back to her about anatomy and made some suggestions on the head and shoulder. I also sent her some photos of some of our dogs. She really liked the photos and decided to come to Wadmalaw to sculpt using one of our dogs, Braz. Ch. Attikonak Get Off My Cloud, as a model. Timmi was a wonderful model as he just sat or laid down while Leslie worked away. After the visit, Leslie sent several other clay models for me to look at. She then took the clay to the foundry to be cast. The result of the whole thing is the beautiful cold cast bronze shown below. Only a limited number of these beautiful bronzes were made. We feel so fortunate to have been a part of Leslie's artistic endeavor.

On another note, the birthday celebration ended up at a salsa social. It's the dance, not the dipping sauce. But wow was it something else. I've never seen so many talented people. Talk about intimidating for someone who has never learned formal dance! So, guess what....yes, I'm going to take salsa lessons. Don't laugh--there is no class for rhythm challenged people but there is a beginner class that starts this Wednesday. I'm psyched for it. Something that looks like a great way to exercise and get some style. What more can one ask for?


trixie said...

Can you provide a link whereby we would be able to purchase one of these bronze sculptures? We brought a different bronze sculpture back with us from Scotland and the two together would make a wonderful display.

BlondeonBlonde said...

You can contact Leslie Hutto at
Ask her about the Labrador sculpture that she did of Timmi. She can give you details on pricing, etc.