Friday, July 21, 2006

Labrador Lists

I've been a member of a number of Labrador discussion groups over the years. I first joined Labrador-L which was one of the first discussion forums on Labradors on the internet. There was always lively discussions, most notably those dealing with the changes to the AKC standard. It was on this forum that LabMed got started which is a truly worthy cause. Over the years, a number of other discussion forums have arisen, some being more successful than others. Two of the ones that I currently scan and occasionally post to are the Wiscoy Lab Forum at and the Woodhaven forum at
I also belong to a number of discussion groups about Labradors on E groups. The one thing that I've noticed about discussion groups is that people either demonstrate good or poor manners/behavior. Disparaging remarks, heated (and sometimes nasty) debates are not uncommon. Then there are those who contribute thoughtful comments and actually make an attempt to inform and educate. I stay away from the bashing and hashing discussions. I've found that it is best to post factual comments that provide information and are not totally subjective. One thing about discussion groups is you learn a lot about people and sometimes you learn something about the Labrador.

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