Thursday, July 13, 2006

Dusty is a good boy

Dusty is enjoying the good life on Bailey Island in the ACE Basin. He is pictured here on his porch where his mom and dad, Steve and Pam Jacobs, have provided him with a great view and some favorite toys. Dusty is from Stella's litter sired by Ch. Trendlewood Song for Guy.

According to Steve and Pam, Dusty is being a good puppy and is blessed with lots of smarts. I wish that his two sisters would take a lesson and were a bit cleaner in their kennel habits. This is really gross but the best way that I can describe their behavior is to do a bit of a twist on a Bruce Springsteen song, Dancing in the Dark. Aggy and Amelia specialize in Dancing in the Poop. One of these lovely ladies has decided to poop near the kennel gate. The result is that the misting system mixes with the mess at the gate, and when combined with their dancing in excitement at seeing me come out to the kennel, a real muck of $#&% is created. Although I try to get them out as quickly as possible, their dancing up and down can cause splashes....well, you get the awful picture. Droplets of $#&% splattering everywhere and me trying my best to dodge the spray. Yuck! Thank goodness we are dog people and don't mind discussing fecal deposits by dogs! For all you non dog people, my apologies.

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