Friday, July 14, 2006

Saucy is going to her new home

Tomorrow, I'll drive to Charlotte to take Saucy to her new owners. Saucy, aka Surry's Saucer Full of Secrets, will no doubt be a bit sad to leave here. I'm sad as well since she was born here and we are the only parents that she has known. However, she is a happy girl and will adjust to being spoiled rotten in her new home. We are always delighted when a great home comes along and we are able to place the retired dogs. We have Tilly and Anna as our house dogs. Not being a big fan of dog hair, I realize that in order to keep things sane around here, I have to place some of the dogs. Saucy is one that we knew would be a wonderful companion due to her sweet temperament and general cuteness. More tomorrow after the drive to Charlotte and we say our good byes to Saucy.

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flamingo3 said...

So pleased that Saucy will have a wonderful home. Spoiling dogs, especially wonderful Labradors, is quite easy to do!
This week was the first time traveling a very long distance with two of my labs. They both did very well. I prepared for the trip by having their regular food, favorite toys and blankets. They are experiencing the far north country. Seeing a lake versus an ocean was fun for them. True to form they rushed into the water and splashed around.