Friday, July 07, 2006

Lily and Abraham

I had another vet visit tonight. This time I took Abraham for his annual checkup and shots. Abe is our 8 year old cat who just happened to find our house after a major brawl with another black cat. He was torn up with lots of bites, abrasions, and fleas. He also had a major tom cat attitude. After neutering, it took Abe about a year to become totally docile. Now he is a great buddy and loves to follow the dogs and puppies around when we go for walks. Abe loves to work in the yard and is always helping when we are gardening. We also have 2 other adopted cats, Rachael and Rebecca. Rachael was found as a baby kitten whose eyes were glued shut with infection and other end was clogged with maggots. I promised her that if she lived, she would have a forever home with us. She is now a very healthy and happy kitty. Rebecca is a calico who loves to hide under the bed. She also loves me and lets me touch her and stroke her. She isn't so keen on other people but that's okay. She knows who matters.

Lily's OFA radiographs for hips and elbows looked great. We are pleased that all looked good as it is unnerving until one gets the final word from OFA.

Off to walk the dogs.

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