Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Weekend is over

It's a back to work day for me after a restful weekend. I was able to play with the dogs, train the puppies, get out on the water each day and row my shell, plus go see some fantastic fireworks from historic Ft. Johnson. I did learn that for photographing fireworks, it is necessary to have a sturdy tripod. I have one but was too lazy to bring it to the fireworks celebration. Hopefully, next year I'll get better shots. I actually enjoyed the time at dusk the most, when the sun was going down, and there were lots of boats on the water twinkling with their lights. The kayakers were out and paddling past the point. It was all really peaceful and beautiful.

Tomorrow Saucy will go in for her spay. I'm always a little nervous about this since it is major surgery. Because our vet is so good, I'm sure that all will go well. It just doesn't hurt to say a little extra prayer.

On Friday, Lilly and Abraham will also be at the vets' office. Lilly will be getting her final hip and elbow OFA radiographs done and Abraham, the black cat, will get his checkup. It looks like a lot of vet work this week.

Will keep you posted on all the outcomes.

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