Saturday, July 29, 2006

Back in town and catching up

I got back into town today from my trip to NC and Virginia. I was tired from the drive and all the many activities that went on during the week. It was great to see loved ones again and spend some concentrated time together. It's tough being far away from those that you love. I did get a chance to stop by and see Robin on the way up when I drove through Chesapeake, VA. She said that Thomas is spoiled rotten and doing well.

Tomorrow I have to drive to Greenville to take Surry's Division Belle to Rusty Howard who will be showing her for her new owner. I will also get to see Barrett up there which will be good.

I got an email from Cathy Green that her Mason x Gabby son Sweeper took a 4 pt. major today under Sally Sasser. That is thrilling and I know that Cathy is very thrilled.

I heard that Izzy's sister Maggie got through her spay surgery just fine. She was in some pain the first night but is doing well and will get her stitches out soon. Izzy is as much fun as ever and everyday reminds me of her mother.

I hate that I have another long drive tomorrow but hopefully, I'll be home for a bit after that.

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Anonymous said...

Betty, welcome back.

Nancy is at the Greenville show, showing in obedience.
I'll let her know you're going to be there, maybe you can say hi to each other...
I was there on Friday, the Spartanburg KC show day working for our club, stewarding in one of the obedience rings the whole day.