Monday, July 03, 2006

Worried about Tombee

I received an email today about Tombee who was one of the puppies born here at Surry. His owner wrote that he is having renal failure and is currently at the vet's office with the outcome uncertain. This is such a tragic thing to hear as Tombee is such a wonderful young boy with a full life ahead and he is greatly loved by his human family. Evidently, Tombee was bitten by a spider but it is unclear from Pam's email whether that was related to his renal condition. Renal problems generally occur in older dogs but can be caused by ingestion of toxic substances such as propylene glycol (antifreeze) as well as by venomous bites from snakes and spiders such as a brown recluse or black widow. I have heard of several dogs dying from ingestion of antifreeze. It has a sweet flavor and dogs lap it up, only to die from acute renal failure. I'm so hoping that Tombee will recover and that Pam will be able to find out what the cause is.

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