Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Amelia and Aggy

Amelia and Aggy are enjoying their time in the house. They have been wonderfully good in their crate, not making any mess at all, and sleeping throughout the entire night. Tilly doesn't quite know what to think of them as they want to go and kiss their Grandma. She doesn't like puppy kisses and generally gives a snarl. Anna is much more tolerant and seems to absolutely enjoy having the puppies in her face. She has always been one who loved puppies and never wanted to have hers be weaned or away from her. It's interesting how canine mothers have different behaviors towards puppies, some being more tolerant than others.

We are enjoying having the puppies to train, although the heat has put a damper on doing a lot of things outside. I had hoped to do some rowing over the weekend but on Sunday I was just beat from the trip to deliver Saucy and the heat was discouraging. Hopefully, I'll get out on the water this weekend. I've been to the gym both days this week and it has been great to do aerobic exercise and weight lifting indoors. Working out is one of my passions, and I think that I could easily be at the gym or doing some exercise 2-3 hrs everyday if I had the time. I think it is a real key to keeping both the mind and body young. Dogs are also keen on getting their exercise; however, with them it isn't forced but just doing what comes naturally playing in their paddocks. All of them have good muscle tone and seem to be fit compared to so many Labradors who stay in crates or small kennels. Hopefully, it will keep them young too!

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