Saturday, July 15, 2006

Placing adult dogs

I drove to Charlotte today to hand over Saucy. She traveled like a trooper and had Eugene as her companion on the way there. Although I am sad to not see her beautiful face, it makes me happy to know that she is going to such a great home. One of the things that is hard for many people to understand is that as a breeder, I can't keep every dog. If I am ever to run on puppies from the litters we breed, then I need to place some of the older dogs who are either retired or who haven't worked out as show dogs. Otherwise, I would have a huge number of dogs which isn't what I want nor is it good for the dog. In my opinion, it is so much better for the dogs that go to a home where they get a huge amount of individual attention, than it is for them to be one of many in a kennel situation. We love our dogs and treat them very well, but we both work at demanding jobs so the amount of time spent with each of them is limited. Saucy and others that we place will be the focus of attention by their owners. What more could a Labrador ask for?

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