Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Near miss for salsa

I almost missed my salsa class tonight because I forgot that it occurred on Wednesday. I was getting a pedicure and Yaenette called to remind me that tonight was class night. Yikes! I didn't even have the right shoes. I skipped out of the nail spa and raced over to the ballroom. Because I didn't have the right shoes, I had to do my class barefoot. Not the best way to do salsa but it was okay. My dance partner was afraid that he would step on my feet. I was more worried about messing up the new pedicure! It all came together okay and we learned turns tonight as well as practiced "stylin" which is an essential part of salsa. It was fun and I was glad that Yaenette made the call to remind me.

When I got home, Charlie had let the dogs out and cleaned the kennels which was great. I had time to eat some dinner and then play with the dogs for a bit, read the paper, catch some news and weather before feeding the dogs. Whew! Another whirlwind day.

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