Monday, January 05, 2009

Mr. Cooper died today

Mr. Cooper, a friend's greyhound, was put down this afternoon after a bout with osteosarcoma. It's bone cancer and very painful.

Cooper was a greyhound rescued from the track. He loved to run and especially liked to run on the beach and at dog park. He would show off for the crowds. Last month, he developed a limp that wouldn't go away. An x-ray revealed bone cancer.

Cooper was on pain medication but amputation of the limb wasn't an option. Within the last few days, the pain medication wasn't doing much. He was crying out in pain. So after a final walk in the surf this morning, he went peacefully this afternoon.

The photo above was taken this morning as he enjoyed his last time at the beach where he loved to run.

I'm going to post more on this devastating disease later.