Tuesday, August 01, 2006

another hot week

The Dog Days are certainly here. I'm longing for a sea breeze in the afternoon but it's just blowing hot air. No one stirs in the paddocks except for Aggie and Amelia who play endlessly.

Clondike came home and seems to feel better. He had a bought with gastroenteritis. I'm glad that he is feeling better. It worries me when my old buddy isn't himself. He is undoubtedly one of the sweetest dogs that I've ever been around. Just a kind hearted guy who enjoys life, cookies and his play toys. What more can anyone ask? I attribute a lot to his sire, Ch. Scartho Frost, who was also a very sweet dog. Called the Boss, he was one of the most striking Labradors that I've ever seen. I have photos of him when he had just been imported and was being shown at Potomac. What a gorgeous dog! It is sad that so many of the dogs that I've known are no longer alive. Sadly, they don't live long enough.

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