Monday, July 17, 2006

Bomb scare for Tupac and Esther

I heard from Meir, Esther's brother, that she and Tupac had a bomb scare near their home. Esther and Tupac live in northern Israel, near the current conflict area with Lebanon. A bomb launched by the Lebanese landed near Esther's home, causing the family and dogs to go into the bomb shelter. Esther had planned to take Tupac to his obedience and handling class but due to the current instability there, she will wait for things to quiet down. It is frightening to think about living with these threats that for us seem so unreal. Yet, in many areas of the world, this is something that must be faced. I am keeping Esther, her family, and the dogs in my thoughts. Let's hope that things will quiet down and stability and clear heads will prevail.

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Esther said...

Dear Betty
Thanks for your thoughts and worm words, it means a lot to me.
Tupac and Cindy (my chocolate female) think that going in to the bomb shelter it's fun and "family quality time". They get to be pampered and spoiled, and they are not at all scared of the siren that goes off. They know they have to go into the shelter.
I hope peace and quite will come soon apon all the parties involved.
Tupac is gorgeous, huge, kind and loving. I'll send pictures soon.