Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Salsa lessons

Tonight I had my first salsa lesson. It was taught at the Charleston Ball Room. There are about 8 of us taking the class. Wearing 2 inch heels for the first time in a decade felt interesting. These are real ballroom heels though so they are super light weight and have the sueded bottom. I actually was able to maneuver very well in them. Definitely not dog showing shoes though! The lesson went well and I actually didn't fall over or knock anyone else over. I did get some of the moves correctly including a cool twirl. The music is great and my friend Yaenette is also taking the class. She and her husband Eugene have Simba one of the Brier x Gabby babies. Simba would have loved to slide across the wood floor of the ballroom! I'm looking forward to next week's lesson when I get to make myself look even sillier. Aren't new experiences just grand?

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