Thursday, July 20, 2006

rowing today

Today I finally got to sit in a six person gig. This is a type of row boat that was used by the harbor pilots to row supplies to other boats in Charleston Harbor. I don't have a photo of the gig here in Charleston but do have one from the web site http://
You can see a gig in action on the top above with a coxswain facing the rowers. The two that are in Charleston Harbor were built by George Riekerk and Rob Dunlap and are really neat. There are no sliding seats, just some stops as foot stretchers. It is a different boat from the single shell that I have which is like the one shown on the bottom. There is a lot more stability and freeboard with the gig! My rowing shell can't go out in really rough water while the gig will do well with a chop. It was great fun to see this interesting craft and hopefully I'll be part of the group that gets to row it every week!

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