Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Working the puppies

Because I have Isabelle entered in her first show this weekend in Asheville, I thought that it would be good to practice with her last night. I've worked with her a lot since she was a baby but since I was at sea for the week, the practices ended. Izzy did great gaiting and standing but she isn't crazy about using her ears. It really helps with expression when the ears are up rather than down. I jiggled cookies in my pocket, made some whistling sounds--all to no avail. Finally, I made a howling dog sound and the ears went right up. Now I just have to figure out how to do this softly in the ring (or else the judge and everyone else will probably think that I've lost my mind!). When her ears went up, I praised her and gave her a piece of cookie. She was getting the hang of it, even though I sounded like a sick coyote. The things that we do for showing and the dogs!!!

I also worked Vera and Pink. Vera likes to buck like a horse but finally settled down, wagged her tail and gaited nicely. Ears were up and tail was wagging. Pink loves to grab the leash in her mouth which is something that may seem cute but is a bad habit to start. I had to give some minor tugs and corrections to make her stop. She loves to eat cookies so her tail was going and she stacked herself like a pro.

I really like to encourage the babies and make it fun for them. They can get sour on showing if you don't. Well, off to feed the dogs.

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yaenette said...

funny you should mention the bucking and grabbing the leash as simba likes to do both lots as well. we're working on him not doing that and i'm sure he will get it soon but, alas tis one of the joys of puppyhood :)