Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Crating is a necessity

Crating is a topic that often is misunderstood.We always crate train our dogs.The puppies are started when they are small and learn that the crate is a safe den.

We suggest that puppies be started in a crate that is 36 x 24 x 23.The wire crate provides maximum air flow and the suitcase version can easily be broken down and moved. The first thing to realize is that crating isn’t cruel but is a powerful training tool.It is one of the best services you can provide for your new pup.

Although the puppy may cry at first when being put in a crate, you can actually make the crate a fun place by providing toys and a chewy in the crate.Everytime that you put the puppy in the crate, toss a cookie in.Pretty soon, the puppy will bounce into the crate to anticipate the cookie. If the crate is left near the bed at night, itis likely that the crying will only last for a few minutes and the puppy will then fall asleep.Remember that an eight-week-old puppy will most likely not make it through the entire night without a trip to the back yard. Sometimes, if they begin to cry, just the simple act of sticking your fingers through the crate will provide enough reassurance to soothe and settle her down to sleep. In addition, the closer to the crate that you are, the easier to awaken when she begins to stir for a trip outside.

During the day, I suggest that you use the crate for brief periods so that the puppy doesn’t have the full run of the house.I always say that you can save your very expensive rugs,furniture and even walls by using a crate when the puppy is left unsupervised.An alternate scenario is to leave the puppy out of the crate and come back to possible destructiveness due to separation anxiety.The best thing that you can do with dogs is to not anthropomorphize.They appreciate your care and consideration and love but they also have instinctive behavior that is uniquely canine.


trixie said...

Crating our puppies/dogs has kept us on good terms with our family and friends. All of them love our animals and greatly anticipate their arrival. However, part of this is due to the fact that they know their house will not be destroyed while our girls are visiting.

Anonymous said...

You failed to mention the wonderful new crates that are soft sided. These of course can't be used until the pups are over the chewing stage. The advantage of the soft crate is the portability and space saving aspects.

BlondeonBlonde said...

You're right about the soft sided crate; however, I only use those at dog shows where I have to have temporary crating at ringside. For puppies and young dogs, I definitely prefer the metal suitcase versions. I also only use the metal ones (Kennel Aire) in my dog show van and can carry up to 9 crates in it. The Kennel Aire crates are expensive but virtually indestructible.