Friday, June 30, 2006

Long Holiday Weekend

Yeah, it's Friday and a long weekend for me. I'm taking annual leave on July 3 so I'll have four days at home. There's lots of work to do, of course, but I hope to also get in some fun things such as watching the fireworks from the Marine Center that is on Charleston Harbor. Charlie and John Lee, our handyman, will be doing painting and cleanup on the new addition to our house. It's coming along nicely with the sheet rocking done and the bricks almost up.
I'm going to get my rowing shell out and hopefully get out on the water. Every weekend, it's either been blowing or raining. Finally, I'll have a long enough stretch of time to get some rowing in. I also want to work the puppies and will, of course, be going to Sea Smoke's birthday bash on Saturday evening. It's going to be a "Bark Mitzvah" and should be fun with all the dog bringing presents to Sea Smoke.
Anyway, hope that everyone has a great weekend! More later....


Jason said...

Very cool to find a labrador blog! Our black lab will be excited to hear we found some of her cousins in the Lowcountry! I've been trying to get good shots of her, and finally got one a while ago. Don't have it with me, but I do know an online location for it in this monthly "cute contest" with 1800petmeds. Here it is if yall care to see:

flamingo3 said...

You need to come to the labrador meeting in August and the fun day in November. Check out the web page for Coastal South Carolina Labrador Retriever.