Saturday, June 10, 2006

Saturday in Asheville

We showed at 8 AM at the horse arena. It is a nice venue, although a bit dusty. Tobias placed second in his open black class and Isabelle didn't place but did show well. She is such a cute puppy and seemed to really enjoy the whole experience. This was her first time in the ring and she wagged her tail, baited well and really seemed to enjoy seeing all the other dogs. It was nice to see a lot of breeders from Florida here and to see some Labrador people that I hadn't seen in a while.

After showing, my friend Roberta and I went to downtown Asheville and to Biltmore Village. It is a fun town with lots of interesting shops. We also had dinner tonight at an excellent Thai restaurant. I would like to come back up here just to enjoy the town and the antique shops.

Labradors show again at 8 AM tomorrow. More news about tomorrow's show tomorrow evening.

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Mary said...

Betty -
It was fun being with the crowd up here showing in Asheville. We also enjoyed Asheville - many people don't have an idea how cute it is!
Sorry to hear about those snake bites, but those pictures are just too cute with those e-collars on those babies:). Glad to hear that they recovered with no problems. I have been watching my boys like a hawk as they venture down the mountains into the forest when we go on walks. You would have loved to have seen their faces when they saw a cute little bear. Lucky for us mama did not see us too since we got out of their very quickly.