Monday, June 26, 2006

OFA exam

I just got back from our vet's office and went over Surry's Division Bell's x-rays for her permanent hips and elbows. They looked wonderful! I'm always on edge about having the final radiographs done but we have been very lucky with our dogs that descend from Tilly. Belle's brother Gilmour has had his final's done and they looked great as well. Barrett is out being shown with Rusty and Jen Howard but will have his finals done when he comes home. We are very happy that so far all has gone well with this litter.

Dr. Shong at Bohicket Vet is a master at positioning the dogs. He takes multiple films to make sure that the dog is positioned exactly. He does use anaesthestic for which I'm glad as rotating the hips and elbows can cause discomfort and without anaesthesia it is very difficult to get the rotation necessary for correct positioning.

Time to relax and have a celebratory class of lemonade!

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