Sunday, June 18, 2006

Robin and Thomas

Robin came today to pick up Thomas. They left to head back to Virginia where Thomas will be a companion to Ch. Surry's No Doubt at Castlewood. Robin thinks that Thomas' name should either be Surry Why Doubt at Castlewood or Surry Never Doubt at Castlewood. She wants to have a part of Gwen's name in there since Stella and Gwen are full sisters. Gwen finished her Ch. but Robin decided not to breed her since she loved Gwen so much that any risk to her wasn't worth the anxiety. That is something that breeders face every time that they do a breeding. I've often questioned my judgement in putting my girls through a whelping since it can be so hard (and even deadly) for them. I'm planning to slow down with breeding eventually, especially as I get more breeds in the sporting group to judge. I think that there comes a time that all the anxiety takes its toll. For now, though, Robin has her Thomas and is very happy. Here' s hoping that he follows in his dam's, sire's, aunt's and uncle's pawprints.

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flamingo3 said...

what a lovely boy Thomas is! I like the name why doubt, but know that Thomas will help Robin finalize the name by his actions.

In a future blog non-breeders may find it interesting for you to share all the work that actually goes into preparing for and then caring for a litter of puppies. Often as pet owners we think that our dog is just so great and we must have a puppy to carry on the genes. There are many risks involved, as I have learned from knowing you, that many people just don't understand.

Thanks for posting pictures!