Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sad for Reba

I heard some news today that really was so sad. A good friend and fellow breeder has one of our girls. She was bred to a well-bred male and whelped 8 puppies with no difficulties. The puppies are now 8 weeks old. A few days ago, they started to vomit and have diahrrea. My friend became concerned and began to give them fluids. Sadly, she lost two of the puppies. All the remaining puppies are now at her vets office and it appears that they have rallied enough that they will make it. A parvo test was done but it came back as being negative. I am so sad for my friend and for Reba who is mother to the babies. It is every breeder's nightmare to have puppies who contract a virus, but even worse to lose such gorgeous babies at 8 weeks of age. It has made me sick at heart today to know about this.

I always caution puppy owners not to take their babies out in public places where they may pick up a deadly virus. A puppy just doesn't have the ability to fight dehydration when it is both vomiting and having projectile diahrrea. I'm sure that many of the puppy people think that I'm being way too cautious. All one needs to do is to live through something like this and it will make you extremely aware of deadly viruses that can take the life of a puppy.
Here's hoping that Reba's remaining babies recover and are strong and well.

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