Monday, June 12, 2006

Snake Bit!

I picked up the babies this morning from the Mt. Pleasant Emergency Clinic. The staff just loved them and were so pleased at how well they had recovered. The swelling is almost gone on the face of the baby boy while the teal girl's ear is still swollen but should be back to normal soon. The puppies were fitted with little E collars so that they wouldn't pull on their IV tubing.

I drove the puppies to Bohicket Veterinary clinic where they will be monitored today by Drs. Shong and Rockwell. They will get another drip of fluids just to continue to flush out their system. I feel much better just knowing that the puppies had great veterinary care and will be fine. We are very fortunate that it was a copperhead bite and not a rattlesnake. Circumstances would likely have been very different. I can't resist the look on the pups' faces as they arrive at Bohicket Veterinary Clinic.

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