Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Urinary Tract Infections

This past week, we noticed that Tilly was having accidents. She would urinate several times outside and then would come in for a few hours and also urinate. We realized that this was probably a UTI. She seemed sluggish and generally embarassed that she was making these mistakes. We took her to the vet and she was diagnosed as having a bad UTI. After several days of antibiotics, she is much better and hasn't had any more accidents. Tilly is 12 years old and is the grande dame of Surry. She is a wonderful old girl who has provided us with so many wonderful champions. She and her daughter Annabelle (Surry's High Hopes) are our house dogs and are wonderful companions. I always worry when anything is wrong with the oldsters as they can go down hill in a moment's notice. Here's hoping that Tilly will have many more years of life!


flamingo3 said...

Sea Smoke says woof to Tilly and Anna.
A close watch of any behavior change will definitely let the owner know if something is amiss.
I am reminded that our dogs are truly like children, they can't tell us what is wrong, so we must be their protector.

Trixie said...

Shortly after bringing her home, Gracie began urinating multiple times (urinate, 5 steps, urinate, 3 steps, etc.). She was also diagnosed with a UTI which, of course, made housebreaking quite interesting. Thank goodness today's antibiotics work so quickly to relieve the animal's discomfort.