Sunday, June 25, 2006

Lazy Sunday

It was a deluge this morning when I went out to do the kennels and let the dogs out. I sat for awhile on a dogloo and watched it come down. The dogs had a great time splashing about in the puddles in the paddocks. After feeding the dogs, it was a nice day to just relax, read the paper and watch the raindrops fall. I think that rainy days are nice and it makes a good time to reflect and relax. Today was one of those days. It looks as if the week will be that way. Lots of time to try to run among the rain drops.

I had things that I wanted to get done, like take my rowing shell out and clean it up to get ready for summer and fall rowing. Looks as if I'll have to do that one evening this week or wait until next weekend.

We've decided to name the puppies Addy and Amelia. They are missing their littermates a bit but also enjoy going for runs around the yard. I heard from the puppy owners today and their babies are doing great. I can't wait to see more photos as they grow.

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Pam said...

Puppy's new home: we are having such a wonderful time with Stella's gold boy since bringing him home on Saturday!! It's hard to believe he's been here less than 48 hours. He is already so much part of our household. We have decided to call him Dusty. This was inspired by the light dusting of tan fur along his back and legs on his otherwise very light coat. He is handsome and obviously very bright. Does this sound like a new parent??
Out three resident cats have had other comments. Two have moved out to the other part of the house and we'll set them up there until they decide to come join us again. The two year old feline boy, Felix, can't decide what to make of Dusty but he's not yielding his space. It's all very low key with a lot of stalking and then running.
Dusty seems very willing to play and I think they will become good friends.