Friday, June 09, 2006

In Asheville

Got into Asheville this afternoon. What a neat town! Every time that I come here, I just love it. Very eclectic with lots of artsy stuff. We walked around downtown until around 10 PM. Stopped at the Mellow Mushroom, sampled the local color, and looked at all the neat shops. We have an 8 AM ring call so I'll be up early to air the dogs and get them ready. Izzy was a great traveler and has enjoyed the trip so far. Tobias is always sober and calm. It should be fun to show and then go back downtown to stroll around. Part of the fun of going to dog shows is getting to be in neat areas where there is something of interest to see.
More tomorrow after the show!


Anonymous said...

Hi Betty
Just wishing you a great time in Asheville and success with my buddy Tobias and Izzy!
Wish Tupac and me could be there with you!

Anonymous said...

Betty, it was great to meet you at the show!
One of my favorite restaurants in Asheville is the Mellow Mushroom...
We took Esther there a few days before she went home.

Meir (Tupac's "uncle" in the Upstate)