Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sultry night

Another hot day on Friday. I didn't post last night because there was just too much to get done. I got home, let the dogs and puppies out, cleaned kennels, checked phone messages, heard from Charlie who was leaving Providence, and did some other minor chores. Berta, my neighbor and good friend, called to see if I wanted to go out for dinner. YIKES--I'm still in my kennel clothes consisting of a torn t-shirt and funky muddy work pants. So I took a shower, put some other kennel clothes on, fed up the dogs and got the puppies squared away and eventually by 7 PM was nearly ready to head to Bohicket Marina to watch the sunset over the creek. There was a bit of a breeze and we sat on the upper deck of the Privateer enjoying dinner. Charlie was supposed to arrive by 9 PM but when I got home, I had a phone message indicating that he was stuck in Charlotte and may not make it home due to all planes being backed up by thunderstorms. By 11:30 PM, I walked the dogs for the last time and got ready for bed. Charlie made it home around 1 AM. He said that it was a zoo at Charlotte airport. It was pretty much a zoo around here too!

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