Monday, June 05, 2006

Back on terra firma

I'm finally back home after a week at sea. My feet touched the ground on Friday evening in Savannah. It was a productive trip with lots of critters collected. No doubt it will take many months to work up all the information. It is very good to be home and finally catch up on some much needed rest.

What was great was seeing my hubby and the dogs. Anna and Tilly were butt tucking around and I was generally mauled by all the others. The puppies had grown and were happily enjoying getting outside. We had puppy visitation yesterday and it was interesting to watch their interactions with each other and the people who came to play with them. They are definitely happy, chunky babies who are inquisitive and loving life. They remind me so much of Stella that it is uncanny. I took some new photos of the babies and hope to have them up on the web soon.
More later.....

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