Thursday, June 29, 2006

The old girls

I thought that I would share a photo of Tilly and her daughter Annabelle. Tilly is now 12 years old and Anna is from the first litter that Tilly had, sired by Ch. Tabatha's Drifter at Dickendall. Fortunately, both girls are still very active and enjoy life and EATING. Both are supreme scroungers when it comes to food. I will often catch Tilly sneaking over to our kitty's Abraham's bowl to munch on some cat kibble.
As dogs age, you really have to watch their weight. Tilly and Anna are on Senior formula because of digestibility. However, we often have to switch back to Lite food, especially when they get too many cookies.
We have their teeth cleaned regularly and generally watch their health very carefully.
We are thankful that so far our dogs have lived long lives. Sea Smoke will be celebrating her 13th birthday on Saturday. Tilly and Anna are looking forward to going to that celebration. We'll have a lot of photos from the birthday party to share.


flamingo3 said...

I loved the photo. Look at Anna showing off for the camera " be sure to get my good side"

Ann Key said...

Have been away on Heelan Hound business and vacation for a lot of July, but am just spending time catching up on your blogs...Neilley and I enjoyed seeing the pictures of mom and grandma!