Friday, March 02, 2007

A rainy Thursday

Last night the puppies were having a great time wading in the puddles left by the heavy downpour of rain. It was very inclement weather but the dogs had to go out and the kennels had to be cleaned. It didn't seem to phase the Labradors who were bouncing around getting muddy. The puppies would run in and out of the DogLoo set up in the puppy paddock while their kennels were being cleaned. They were all piled in at once during a thunder clap.

Today the weather so far hasn't been bad but more rain and thunderstorms are forecast for this evening. I've signed up for watch duty on the Spirit of South Carolina and hope that all the rumbling and bad winds move on out before I have my watch. The launch of the Spirit of SC is on Sunday. The pilot gig crew will be rowing over to the SC Maritime Center and will have one of the best view of the launching. It's supposed to be cooler but clear that day.

I'm trying to decide how best to leash train all the babies. I think that I'll spend about 15 minutes with each puppy per day for walking on the leash. Then I can gradually increase the time a bit and get each accustomed to standing and staying. It's a challenge to have more than 2 puppies to work with!

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