Sunday, March 25, 2007

Judging on the Tarheel Circuit

I flew up to Raleigh yesterday so that I could judge this morning for the Fayetteville Kennel Club. There was a nice entry of around 60 Labradors. It's hard because the people that exhibited are people that I've shown with and known for years. I wish that I could say that the overall quality today was excellent but it was fairly average with a few very nice dogs and many that weren't real standouts. Coats were either lacking or too soft. I really liked the puppy that I put up for WD. He was a very nice puppy. The bitches were better in profile than the dogs but several had poor movement with a lot of "sidewinding". I realize that it's impossible to make everyone happy so you just do the best job that you can do based on what you observe in the ring with movement and structure. If the Labrador doesn't have good movement then how can it be expected to do work in the field?

I was glad to get back home this evening and have a few hours to just take it easy. After walking around on concrete and tossing and turning in a strange bed, it will be nice to just rest.

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