Saturday, March 17, 2007

On the progging trail

When I visited Smith Island, there was a lot of talk about progging in the marsh. Progging is the local vernacular for finding something of value in the marsh, more or less beachcombing but in the marsh. At Station 12 on Sullivan's Island, there is a trail through the marsh that I call the progging trail. Today, I took Stella on the trail. She loves to go and always runs ahead and then stops to look back at me. It was quite a windy day today and not very warm. By the time we got to the end of the trail, the sun felt good. We hustled on the way back as it was off the beach for all dogs at noon. Stella enjoyed the outing. We didn't find any treasure in the marsh today but there will likely be some again in the near future. I have found a Hobie cat on Sullivan's Island and will likely try to find out if anyone claims it. If a boat is left abandoned in SC for a while, then a lost and abandoned boat form can be filled out.

I then took Stella and Aggy to the Isle of Palms doggy park. It is always fun to go there. There were other Labradors there as well as goldens and a silky terrier who could retrieve. Aggy loves to play so she was running all around the doggy park and retrieving the little frisbee that the silky was going out to get.

Tonight I also stood watch on the Spirit of SC from 6 to midnight. It was cold and windy and the ship has no heat. The standing orders were to pump the bilges every 2 hours and record the time that it took to do so, check all the lines and check for water in the holds. It was fun as my other watch partner was a lady who has a great sense of humor. The Spirit is tied up near Stevens Towing and she said that last week the tugboat crew was having a party. So we joked about telling them to bring us some scones and good coffee but guessed that they were having Wild Turkey in a box (rather than wine in a box). She told me stories about camping for 2 weeks where there was no shower just a bag of water hung up on a pole. We had a great time laughing about all kinds of things so it made the hours go quickly. She and I are on watch again in two weeks so I'm bringing a big thermos of coffee and she's bringing the scones. We can't trust the tugboat crew to cater our watch!

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