Friday, March 23, 2007


Today is the anniversary of the loss of dear sweet Becca. It was one of the darkest days for me because Becca died after having a C-section. Her six puppies were saved but she died in my arms on the way into our driveway. I'll never know the cause but most probably it was a pulmonary embolism since it happened so quickly. The shock and horror of that moment remain with me. It's one of those moments when time stops and you wonder how you will ever get through the next hour much less the days ahead.

Thanks to several Labrador breeders, the puppies had surrogate mothers for 3 weeks until they were finally able to eat mush on their own. If anyone ever thinks about breeding their girl, let them think about Becca and what can happen. They don't call dog breeding the heartbreak hobby for nothing. I miss you Becca.


Karen Marks said...

What a sad story, I can't imagine the shock and sadness that you went through. It's sad enough to lose a labrador to old age. We lost ours in Oct. at 13 yrs. old and I don't think we'll ever stop missing him.

Dr Stacey J said...

Dear Elizabeth:
I am sending condolences to you and Charlie regarding the passing of Becca. I am sure she will be lovingly remembered in your hearts forever. May she continue to rest in peace...
Stacey...(Tweedle's Mom)

Lisa McLain said...

Just found your blog and was reading through your entries enjoying it thouroughly. As a mother.. to one of Becca's babies her spirit really does live on. Our Maggie ( Surry's Just Because we Can) continues to make us smile, laugh and yes still sometimes shake our heads in wonder at how much trouble she can still get into! The gift Becca gave us is our third dog and we love her with all the energy we have. She is our clown, and my constant shadow. She and her 'sister' Raison also a Surry dog, are with me 24/7 and without them I am sure I would be incomplete. We are so thankful for your dogs gift of life to these puppies and your effort to keep the puppies alive and healthy, at a time when I am sure you would have preferred to curl up and mourn your sweet girl.