Sunday, March 04, 2007

Launching Day

What an exciting day this was! The crew of the New Charleston Mosquito Fleet met at the Maritime Center around 10:30 and cast off lines at around 11:15. We rowed out into the Harbor and were greeted by a festive sight. There were boats everywhere, large and small. Everyone was there to celebrate the launching of the Spirit of South Carolina. There were large yachts, shrimp trawlers, small power boats, sail boats of all sizes, and two 34 ft. row boats. We were allowed inside the police boat perimeter for the launch. The ship was christened by a middle school student from Chapin who won the essay contest about the Spirit of SC. After all the dignitaries spoke, the tugs from Stevens Towing gently lifted the Spirit over the water and lowered her slowly down. Horns blew, small cannons were fired and we tossed our long oars and pointed them skyward in a salute to this new tall ship. God Speed Spirit!

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