Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hot spots

With spring already here, many Labrador will be shedding their winter coats. Shedding is also the time when hot spots can occur. If you use a slicker brush to get out the dead hair, then the chances of developing a hot spot are minimized. I have combs, slicker brushes, a shedding rake and pin brushes to use on the dogs. Labradors shed twice a year, although sometimes it seems that they are shedding all the time! It's best to brush Labradors daily and avoid giving baths that can dry out the coat and the skin.

Most hot spots occur when the dead hair starts to itch. Hot spots can also occur as a result of flea allergic dermatitis. A flea will bite, the dog will scratch, and an irritation will occur. Bacteria can then cause a slight infection and bumps will occur on the skin. It can be a vicious cycle with the dog continuing to scratch until a wound is created.

We treat hot spots with Chlorhexiderm scrub and Neopredf powder. If bad enough, you will have to give an antibiotic such cephalexin. I would definitely check with the vet should a hot spot develop.

Labrador hair should be showing up soon on a carpet near you!

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