Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dog Politics

I can't help but post this since I'm sure that something similar will be coming to your town or county in the near future. It' about whether the candidate you vote for is dog friendly. Luckily, I live on Wadmalaw where there isn't a dog limit (yet).

One of our neighbors has 7 calves in his backyard who live in cowhouses that look like a big doghouse. The Duluxe model is shown for your viewing pleasure. I like seeing the calves lying about in the yard and playing. Wadmalaw is an animal friendly place thankfully.

Now I can understand that having 12 Labradors in a residential neighborhood is probably not a good idea, especially since dogs do bark. Unfortunately, it's a dilemma that everyone will be facing. If we weren't living on acreage in the county, it would be highly unlikely that we would ever have continued to show our dogs or been as successful as we have been with them.

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