Thursday, March 08, 2007

Importance of a good OFA technique

I've been lucky to have a wonderful vet who knows the correct positioning of hips and elbows for OFA certification. He is a perfectionist when it comes to getting the dog positioned correctly and having a good clear x-ray taken. Dr. Shong often takes 4 or 5 shots to make sure that he has the best one for submission to OFA. It is possible for dogs to be normal with regard to elbows and to have good hips but because the vet either didn't get the positioning right or the x-ray wasn't the best, the dog didn't pass. Not every vet knows how to get the positioning right so it's important to find one who does. Several breeders have driven many hours to come to Dr. Shong. He takes pains with each dog and wants to make certain that positioning isn't one of the reasons that a dog won't pass certification. I've seen crooked spines, unequal foramens, and other indicators that the dog wasn't positioned correctly on x-rays taken by other vets. For such an important decision, it's worth getting the dog to someone who takes a good x-ray and knows how to position the dog.

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