Thursday, March 15, 2007

Last night's row

It was a bit windy last night for our rowing session. I was coxswain which was fun. I did however not look at the tide tables before heading out so we went downriver on high slack which meant that we were coming back on an ebbing tide which was hard going. It's a bit dicey getting out of City Marina but we managed to row our way out without hitting any other boats or endangering life and limb! That's always a big plus!

We had a new rower with us last night and he eventually caught onto the stroke rhythm. I suppose that some people have a hard time following the stoke while looking at their oar. By the end of the row, he was in sync with the rest of us.

I'm looking forward to getting my single in the water soon. The warm weather that we've been having is making me want to be on the water more and more. I'm sure that there will probably be a few more days of chilly weather but in Charleston, March is generally the end of bad weather. By May, it is hot!

The puppies are enjoying playing in their puppy yard. There are several obstacles set up for them to jump and play on. They enjoy rolling each other and generally being goofy. It's time to get these babies on a leash though. Otherwise, I'll have bucking broncos on the end of the leash if I delay.

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