Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hennings Mill Clondike: May 11, 1994-August 8, 2006

We lost a very good buddy today. Clondike was put to sleep with Charlie and me holding him and our caring vets tearfully stroking him. He came to us from Jack and Dot Galvin and has been a wonderful friend and great comfort over the years. Spondylosis that got progressively worse and congestive heart failure, along with failing kidneys, forced us to make the hard decision that we made today. Over the last several days, Clondike wasn't eating well and had a lot of nausea. The spondylosis was causing weakness and pain in his rear, so much so that this morning he couldn't get up. Our vets thought that increasing his steroid dosage would only further upset his digestive system and cause more vomiting. It would be a vicious cycle that would soon result in his becoming very weak and debilitated. So the hard decision was made. Clondike, you were a wonderful dog and we miss you.


Gunilla said...

So sorry to hear about the old Gentleman. RIP Clondike

flamingo3 said...

Our hearts are heavy and sad for you today. Much love and woofs from the "girls" and me.

They enter our lives so small and needy
Klondike gave so much. He is with Daisy and Doc running free.

La bella italiana said...

This is one thing in my life I will never get used to, no matter how many dogs I have over the years. Rest well, old boy. You were well loved.

trixie said...

Dogs are wonderful creatures who enrich our lives by just being. We know you will miss Clondike but are thankful you have many other wonderful dogs who can lick away your tears. Their antics will allow for laughter among those tears.

Anonymous said...

Dear Betty
Sorry about Klondike - I know it is very sad to lose a dear old friend. However the fact that he doesn't suffer any longer makes it a little easier...
Things are still a little hard around here, we are waiting for things to calm down and go back to normal.

Lots of love