Saturday, August 05, 2006

Quiet and hot weekend

Charlie has been working on painting the walls on the new addition. We are adding a wing onto the main house that will incorporate a master bedroom and bath downstairs as well as a large library upstairs (shown in picture). The flooring is now down and the sheet rock up. Charlie has begun painting the master bath. It was better to stay inside today than to be outside. Tomorrow I'll be rowing in the morning with my single. I'm hoping for a little breeze, at least enough to stir the air. It has been a crazy weekend on the water as the Rockville Regatta is this weekend. It is called the biggest floating cocktail party in the state. The Sea Island Yacht Club is the host of the regatta which is really more of a party scene than a sailing event. I usually row on Leadenwah Creek but with the number of crazies in the water there, I'm going over to the Ashley River to row. Hopefully, early in the morning will be less congested on the water.

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