Friday, August 11, 2006

Rowing and salsa

We had 5 people at the oars on the gig last night. There was a thunderstorm that we had to wait out by going to Salty Mike's and getting some liquid refreshments. Then, the skies cleared and we were able to head out into Charleston Harbor. We rowed past the ship graveyard where the R/V Anita rests on the marsh. The Anita was built from lumber of oak trees on Wadmalaw Island. She served as our estuarine research vessel for many years. I did several projects off the Anita and up until recently she was used for our shrimp and crab survey. It was determined last year that she was too old to repair and so the Anita was sold. Not long after she left the marine lab at Ft. Johnson, she sank in Charleston Harbor and was refloated to her current resting place next to a large steel hulled life boat and several abandoned sail boats. It seemed so strange as we rowed past to see the Anita with bow on the bank. I'm hoping that her owner will decide to restore her back to running condition.

After the row, I changed clothes, had dinner and headed to the South End Brewery for salsa dance night. The music starts at 10 PM and by 11:15, the dance floor was filled with lots of talented dancers. It was my first real attempt at club dancing and luckily my insstructor was there to offer support. There were also other dance class members and I didn't do half bad since I was dancing with one of the more experienced men. I left when the beat changed to Marenga. I have a hard enough time with cross body moves, twists, turns and other complicated stuff that isn't in my genetic makeup. It is fun to watch the really good dancers move though. They make it look effortless. Maybe after another year, I'll be more confident.

Tomorrow is another rowing day. This time we may try to sink the 34 ft. gig and then reright it. Not sure for the reasoning of doing that since I was pretty shocked about capsizing in the Ashley. Another day, another experience.....

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