Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sea Smoke

I received some very sad news prior to and during my trip to judge in Indiana. Surry's Sea Smoke had developed a large tumor in her mouth and palate that was causing problems with eating. Also, her breathing had become increasingly laborious. She was diagnosed with osteosarcoma about a year ago. The cancer was located in her mouth. However, she had been doing very well until about a couple of weeks ago when she appeared to become uncomfortable.
Berta took her to Drs. Shong and Rockwell who determined that indeed she was failing. So Berta made the very tough decision to have Sea Smoke euthanized on August 18. She went peacefully feeling gentle loving hands on her.

Sea Smoke was born into my hands and was a cutie right from the start. It was Daisy's first litter (sire was Ch. Ashlyn's Don Giovanni) and we were thrilled that there was a lovely black female in the litter. After retirement from showing and motherhood, Sea Smoke went to live with a couple who professed love for her but later at age 10 she became too much trouble so was returned to us. We gladly took her back, although we never understood the psychology of her former owners. At any rate, Berta met her and fell in love. So Sea Smoke moved down the road about 3/4 of a mile to live with my good friend. She had the life of a queen and other Labrador sisters to play with. The last 18 months were probably the most wonderful for Sea Smoke as she was the center of attention and had lots of treats and could sleep on Berta's bed. Bonding was rapid and everlasting for both human and dog.

I say it every time--it isn't fair that our dogs don't live longer. I envision Sea Smoke romping with her mother, Clondike, Haley and all the others who have crossed the bridge.

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