Monday, August 28, 2006

You can't reason with hurricane season

With Ernesto churning in the Caribbean, my mind turns back to 1989 when Hurricane Hugo came to town. What an evening that was, and what a mess the days after were!

We didn't have but a few dogs then so all were brought inside the house, put in crates and covered by a blanket. Charlie and I stayed in a closet under the stairs. After we lost all radio and TV and rain began pouring in from the ridge vent, we decided that we were in for a bad event. The wind roared but we stayed dry and safe. Our house had just been built so we were a bit anxious about how it would weather the storm. We didn't lose a shingle! We lost a lot of branches and limbs to trees but all the big trees stood strong. It took us 3 days to cut our way out to Maybank Highway. We had no electricity for 23 days.

So when hurricane season comes around, we think about having many more dogs and the 3 cats. We have a generator that is powerful enough to kick off our well pump and provide some electricity to the house. We have our camping supplies in order. It's best to be prepared and just hope that we escape the wrath of Mother Nature for another year.

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