Thursday, August 03, 2006

A good evening for rowing

Tonight I rowed with 3 others in a gig in Charleson Harbor. There was a light breeze, just enough to take away some of the heat of the day. We were flying a "Don't Tread on Me" Gadsden flag which was neat. We made our way out of City Marina up the Ashley River near to the Citadel. Flanking us on either side were two Dragon boats, one with 2o rowers on board and another smaller boat with 10 rowers on board. It was quite a sight to see them sprinting along and then coming to a halt. We weren't the sprinters with our heavy gig but the endurance rowers, keeping up a steady stroke and responding to commands from our coxswain. I needed this after a day of sitting in an 8 hour meeting talking about budgets and how to divide up a multi-million dollar increase in a national project budget among the South Atlantic, Gulf and Caribbean. Marine science isn't all diving, sampling, and sunsets. It is mostly about keeping projects going, trying to get more money to do additional projects, or writing up reports and analyzing data on the projects that have just ended.

After getting home from rowing, I played with the dogs a bit and then fed them. Charlie was nice enough to clean the kennels for me. Clondike is doing better and is eating his boiled chicken and rice dinner now. He will go back on regular kibble once his GI tract is stable. I'm off to bed to get ready for another day of meetings tomorrow. I'll dream of being on the water in the twilight.

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