Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Barrett is back and it is as if he never went on the road or became a champion. He is happily bouncing about, knows his kennel, plays with Timmi and the puppies and is in general the bozo boy that I love. Like his namesake, he is darkly handsome, energetic, and a bit off his rocker! I received his championship certificate in the mail which was quick by AKC standards. Tobias is now out with Rusty and Jen looking for the two majors that he needs to finish. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that occurs.

Aggie and Amelia are now separated in the kennel. Aggie looked as if she had swallowed a watermelon on Sunday, so it appears that she was gobbling poor Amelia's food. Aggie is now on a bit of diet and Amelia is getting her normal portion. Both are kenneled next to each other so there isn't a huge amount of separation anxiety. They still play together in the puppy pen. Aggie is definitely the ring leader and more rambunctious of the two. She was one of the two puppies bitten by a copperhead in the spring. She is irrepressible with nothing slowing her down. Must be that Stella gene!

Here's hoping that tropical storm Ernesto decides to stay away. A little rain is okay but let's keep the wind to a minimum. I have to fly out to judge in California and hope that there are no delays on Friday. Here's hoping that everyone and their dogs will be out of harm's way.

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