Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday, Monday

Today was one of those days that you summon all your strength to get your work done quietly and efficiently and hope to get home at a decent hour in order to relax. Unfortunately, after doing the dogs in the morning, I got ready for work and jumped into doing some evaluations for employees. After that I edited a manuscript for a colleague and then went to the Director's meeting since my Director and his Asst. were out of the office. I guess that I was the third string or something like that. Anyway, that lasted until 4 PM. After completing the work day and changing into my rowing duds, I headed to Bristol Marina thinking that the dragon boat crew would be there. Unfortunately, the date had been changed due to a bunch of festivals until Sept. 18, so we won't be getting back together until then. I still will have rowing in the 6 person gig on Thursday and my single to mess about in on the weekends.

At the Muncie, Ind. show this past weekend, Susan Otto and I both discussed the fact that it is nice to have other things in our lives besides the dog activities. I think that the exercise activities that I do are a great complement to my dog activity. Although I love specialty shows, I've gotten increasingly tired of showing at all breed shows. The atmosphere isn't as much fun as the specialty shows and the loud noisy conditions with all the other breeds, lugging crates in and out, and all the travel has just gotten tiresome. I would rather send the dogs with good handlers than to spend my weekends driving to dog shows. Judging is one thing but I think that just going to a few all breed shows that are close by in order to socialize puppies makes more sense than traveling great distances.

Maybe it's just my mindset today--just like the lyrics to that rock classic, "Monday, Monday, can't trust that day..."

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