Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday on the Spirit

Today I slept in until 7 AM which is a luxury. Then, there were kennels to clean and puppies to feed, etc. In the afternoon, I went down to the Spirit of SC to do more with splicing and whipping of lines. I learned a back splice which is very neat and decorative. There weren't as many people in the class today and we were down below decks which made it a little less cold, although I felt chilled after 2 hours of working with the splices.

The puppies were outside to play for over an hour and a half today. It was a fun time for them. When I got home, I played with Crinkles for a while. She is now spending the day outside. She seems to enjoy barking at the other dogs. It's obvious that she is fearless.

Stella is doing well and is going for long walks everyday. She is enjoying going to the dog park on the Isle of Palms. She's made lots of new friends and has Cayenne and Cooper, the greyhounds, for romping with. I really do miss her but know that I'll get to see her and have her back at Surry intermittently. That makes me feel better to know that she can always come back home at anytime.

It's hard to believe that the Clara puppies leave this weekend for their new homes. I still have several boys that I am hoping to place but almost everyone is looking for yellow females. A good Labrador comes in all three colors!

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